Clean-Slate Janitorial Services Weighs in on Recent Cold Snap and Announces Top Way to Neutralize Carpet Damage, Corrosion, and Mould from Road Salt

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), January 29, 2014 – Clean-Slate Janitorial Services (, a Greater Toronto Area-based professional cleaning company that specializes in commercial office cleaning, retail maintenance, floor restoration, carpet cleaning, and construction site cleanup, is weighing in on the recent cold snap and announcing its top strategy for neutralizing salt damage and corrosion on carpets and floors.

“An army of salt trucks have been hitting the streets and highways in the Greater Toronto Area to combat the recent cold snap and accumulating snow. While road salt helps drivers because it melts snow and ice, it can wreak havoc on office carpets and floors,” says Sam Panousis, owner and operator of Clean-Slate Janitorial Services. “In fact, road salt is one of the biggest reasons why office carpets get stained and deteriorate over the winter months.”

According to the City of Toronto, the annual demand for salt used to de-ice roads and sidewalks averages about 125,000 tonnes, though during the record snowfall during the winter of 2007–2008, the City of Toronto used 195,600 tonnes of ice. The city also budgets for around 14,000 tonnes of sand annually. When the frigid temperatures get too low, like they have this winter, road salt becomes ineffective—that’s when the City of Toronto switches gear and uses beet juice, which is more environmentally friendly than road salt, but can still stain carpets. (Source: “2010 BUDGET BRIEFING NOTE, Winter Maintenance – Road Salt Usage and Expenditures,” City of Toronto web site, March 9, 2010;

“No matter how careful people are, road salt gets tracked onto office and retail carpets. And when the carpet dries, businesses are left with unsightly salt stains, the heaviest build-ups appearing white and crusty,” Panousis explains. “What most people don’t know is that road salt has a high alkaline content and, if left for a period of time, can break down the fibres, permanently damaging or destroying the carpet.”

On top of road salt, he says, wet snow on office and retail carpets in the Greater Toronto Area can turn into mould, which can lead to a musty smell. Health problems associated with mould include allergies, asthma, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

To prevent road salt damage and mould, the office and retail carpet cleaning experts at Clean-Slate Janitorial Services recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to have road salt stains removed before they cause costly damage.

“It can be extremely difficult to effectively clean a carpet soaked with road salt without the proper equipment,” Panousis adds. “At Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, our winter rinse floor solution neutralizes salt and other contaminants that accumulate on carpets during the winter. Our winter cleaning solution also cleans hard surface flooring. Road salt can strip off urethane coating and tile floor surfaces, leaving them vulnerable to damage from moisture, dirt, and scuffs.”

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services has been serving commercial customers in the Greater Toronto Area, including downtown Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, and Markham for over eight years. Some of the services Clean-Slate provides include commercial office cleaning, retail management and janitorial services, floor restoration and buffing, carpet cleaning, window and blind cleaning, and construction site cleanup. To learn more about Clean-Slate Janitorial Services and get a free quote, visit the company’s web site at or call 416-509-7454.

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Sam Panousis

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Started my cleaning career in 1995. After spending years as a general cleaner I began to learn other cleaning skills such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor (stripping and waxing) cleaning. In 2003 managed and supervised for a large janitorial company. With all the years of experience behind me I decided to start my own janitorial company in 2008 and that was when Clean-Slate Janitorial was created. Add me to your G+ Profile

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