Tips for Keeping Your Windows Clean During the Winter

You may think that, now that the temperature has dropped below zero and the snow is starting to fly, you’ll only be able to clean your windows from the inside until winter ends. However, Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, the GTA’s top commercial janitorial service, has some tips on how you can keep your windows clean inside and out during the winter.

Having clean windows that offer a clear view is an essential part of any business’ appearance. Not only do clean windows make your office look good, but people might not want to enter a business that has dirty, streaked windows. Clean windows also let your employees enjoy daylight when it may be too cold to go outside; during the winter months, it’s usually dark when they come to work in the morning and go home at night. Best of all, letting in sunlight creates natural warmth in the office, something everyone could use during cold Canadian winters.

First, Clean-Slate says you should wait until a day when it’s going to be relatively warm out. Whether it’s yourself, one of your employees, or the janitorial staff cleaning the windows, you don’t want to send them out on a day that’s cold and snowy.

For the actual cleaning itself, Clean-Slate recommends automotive washer fluid, since it will not freeze. Pour the fluid into a bucket and use a squeegee. Dip the squeegee briefly into the bucket, shake off the excess fluid, and wash the windows, using the rubber side to wipe off any remaining excess. Also keep a lint-free rag handy to clean off the rubber blade. For smaller windows, you can use a spray bottle to apply the windshield washer fluid.

And remember, if you’re going to be working outdoors during the winter, be sure to bundle up. If you’re using windshield washing fluid, you should be sure to wear proper protective gear. Even then, if the day is windy, hold off on cleaning your windows until it’s less breezy; windshield washer fluid is toxic and can cause serious health consequences if inhaled or swallowed.

While cleaning windows yourself during the winter is a great way to save money, Clean-Slate still recommends having professionals give your windows a cleaning once at the beginning of the winter, again halfway through the season, and once more in the spring.

When you hire Clean-Slate, our team of cleaning professionals provide a thorough cleaning, regardless of the season. They’ll leave your windows looking spotless and crystal clear. Let the professionals at Clean-Slate handle your major cleanings during the winter so you can keep your employees inside where it’s warm, letting them focus on their jobs. Use the tips above to maintain the appearance of your windows between cleanings.

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