The Best CEO’s Value the Services of a Janitor

What do the best companies to work for all have in common? The leaders value the skills of everyone who works with the company- including the cleaning staff. They know that it takes an entire team of people who contribute in different ways to build any kind of effective organization.

A company’s cleaning staff plays a critical role in maintaining order in state of constant change. It’s not an after-thought or insignificant role. A leader who sees the interconnectedness of all things understands this and will make sure that the quality of the cleaning contractors matches the vision that he or she has for the business. They will do their research, ask for references and make sure that this hiring decision is as important as any other one in the company.

From the intern to the upper manager, the CEO of a company sees the big picture and values everyone in it.  This includes contractors such as professional cleaners. The professional cleaners provide support regularly for the entire office, but they do their work, outside of office hours. So it’s easy to dismiss this unseen work as invisible.

However, any office will stop to function properly if the entire space is a dirty, cluttered mess. Often, people don’t realize how little time it takes for a space to become unpleasant and unusable. But the hardworking, reliable cleaning contractors know. It’s not unusually for people to take their services for granted, since they don’t have regular interaction with them. These people would be surprised at how important the cleaning contractor are in helping them keep order in their lives.

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