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Professional Cleaning: The Hassle-Free Way of Transforming Your Office

While renovating can completely change the look of your office and give it a new look, it’s a costly prospect that may not be in your budget. However, something as simple as a professional cleaning can give your business an all-new look that is much more affordable than renovations.

Freshening up the look of your business’ office doesn’t have to involve a major overhaul; a good, thorough cleaning can really make things seem new again, without all the major hassle and cost. If you’d like to renew your office’s look, Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, the GTA’s top cleaning service, advises clients to let a professional cleaning company handle this task. They will quickly sort clutter that has built up over the years or clean up after an employee leaves the organization.

Clean-Slate also recommends that clients tell their employees to place any personal items in another room so their belongings will not be discarded during the cleaning. If an employee is leaving, they should make sure that everything has been removed from their desk prior to their last day, especially anything valuable.

When it comes to giving your office a major cleaning, it is best to hire professionals. Not only will this reduce stress, but it will also leave your employees free to focus on their jobs. Here are a few tips to make sure that having your office cleaned is a stress-free experience that will go as smoothly as possible.

•  Have everything you want to be disposed of ready prior to the professional cleaners’ arrival, or point the items that are being thrown out to the cleaners when they arrive. This will cut down on the amount of time they spend on the job and the number of return trips if you miss anything. Also, the cleaners won’t keep asking you what’s being disposed of and what isn’t.

•  Always arrange for professional cleaning to be done after business hours. This will save the cleaners from getting in the way of your employees or disrupting the flow of your business. If this isn’t feasible, try to arrange for your employees to work from home that day.

•  If you’re renovating, keep in mind that contractors have other clients to do work for besides you, and thus may not make the time for proper cleanup after finishing. By calling on a professional cleaning company such as Clean-Slate, experts at cleaning up following renovations and construction, you can have a tidy post-renovation workspace right away. You’ll also save money, since many renovation companies may charge a lot extra for time spent cleaning up, without providing the same type of results as Clean-Slate.

Clean-Slate will clean your office quickly and efficiently following renovations and construction, allowing you to get back to running your business. You might be surprised at how quickly hiring a professional cleaner changes the look of your office. A good, through, top-to-bottom cleaning, scrubbing off years of dirt and dust and disposing of any clutter that has accumulated over the years, will leave your office looking as good as the day you moved in!