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Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, Toronto’s Leading Construction Site Cleaner, Announces Importance of Construction Site Cleanup in Construction Season

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), April 29, 2015 – Clean-Slate Janitorial Services (www.Clean-Slate.ca), a Greater Toronto Area-based professional cleaning company that specializes in commercial office cleaning, is announcing that, with the recent beginning of the spring and summer construction season, now is the time to perform construction site cleanups.

Year after year, the GTA has become one of the leading cities in the world when it comes to construction projects. This year is no different. With the Pan Am Games just around the corner, the construction has been even more prevalent over the past couple years.

“This is a city that’s been in constant growth for the last decade or so, and probably longer than that, says Sam Panousis, owner and operator of Clean-Slate Janitorial Services. It’s great for our city, but we also have to ensure we’re being responsible with cleaning those areas once they’re done construction on the site.”

Panousis explains that residents are often put off by the garbage and mess left on construction sites. With the increase of construction during the spring and summer seasons, it’s important to pay special attention to keeping these sites clean.

“It’s an issue,” he adds. “The noise is already something residents have to deal with when it comes to construction sites, and that really can’t be prevented. But what can be helped is the cleanliness of the area once a construction project is completed.”

“Special equipment is required to clean construction sites, as well as a specific set of skills,” Panousis concludes. “Workers at Clean-Slate Janitorial Services have these tools and understand the urgency of efficiency in order to effectively clean the site.”

For more details on construction site cleanup services, visit the Clean-Slate Janitorial Services web site at www.Clean-Slate.ca.

With Construction Season Comes the Need for Cleanups

You’ve doubtlessly heard the joke about how there are two seasons in Canada: winter and construction. Construction season is well underway in the Greater Toronto Area and while you may have planned all the details of your construction project, you might have neglected to plan the cleanup. This is where Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, the leading provider of construction site cleanup in Woodbridge and the GTA, comes in.

If you’re a contractor, spring and summer are busy times for you as people take advantage of the small window of warm weather the season provides. You want to get to your next project as quickly as possible, so why not leave cleaning of your construction sites to someone else? We provide affordable construction site cleanup in Woodbridge and the surrounding areas that won’t take a big bite out of your operating budget.

As a business owner, you don’t want your office or property to look cluttered, which can happen after a major construction project is completed. When you call us for professional construction site cleanup in Woodbridge, all you’ll be left with is a clean-looking building or yard where the only trace of the construction project will be the beautiful, completed product.

When it comes to construction site cleanup in Woodbridge, we take a literal “top-to-bottom” approach. We will cover every inch of a construction project, whether it’s on one floor or several, and make sure that no debris is left over.

But our construction site cleanup in Woodbridge doesn’t just include renovation projects; we also clean up construction sites after housing and retail and commercial spaces have been built. You’re doubtlessly looking to get moved in as quickly as possible, and our efficient service will get your property cleaned up quickly so you can transition into a nice, clean building with immaculate surrounding property.

Cleaning up a construction site is a project that requires more than just a broom, dustpan, and vacuum cleaner; it requires specialized equipment and skills, all of which we provide for our construction site cleanup in Woodbridge and the surrounding regions. We also realize that cleaning up a construction site can seem like a daunting task, but rest assured, our workers bring a dedicated work ethic to each job, be it large or small, and will leave your property looking as good as new.

Call on Clean-Slate Janitorial Services for professional construction site cleanup in Woodbridge today!

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, Toronto’s Leading Commercial and Retail Cleaner, Warns: Winter Ice, Snow, and Salt Can Seriously Damage Carpets

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), November 25, 2013 – Clean-Slate Janitorial Services (www.clean-slate.ca) a Greater Toronto Area-based professional cleaning company that specializes in commercial office cleaning, retail maintenance, floor restoration, carpet cleaning, and construction site clean-up, warns that winter ice, snow, and salt treatment can seriously damage carpets. Clean-Slate Janitorial Services also announces that they are prepared to deep-clean carpets in any weather should an emergency arise.

“During the winter months, it can be difficult to keep carpets clean. Aside from snow and slush, ice control treatments applied to roads, sidewalks, and stairs can wreak havoc on carpets,” says Sam Panousis, owner and operator of Clean-Slate Janitorial Services. “When carpets dry after having been walked on, what’s left behind are unsightly white salt stains.”

While vacuuming alone might help remove the stain and salt from the surface of the carpet, Panousis explains, it cannot reach all of the damaging residue attached to the fibres and latex backing of the carpet. In addition, road salt has a high alkaline content, which can permanently damage the integrity of a carpet. As a result, it’s important that salt and other winter treatments be removed as quickly as possible.

“People need to consider more than ice and snow when it comes to keeping their carpets clean over the winter months,” he adds. “It might surprise some to know that the threat of allergens is also high in the winter; in fact, those sensitive to mold spores and dust mites can find the winter months to be unbearable. That’s because people spend more time indoors during this time of year with the windows and doors closed. This can be a breeding ground for pollen, dust, allergens, smoke, and other irritants.”

Whether it’s a small residential home, restaurant, office, or large business, Panousis recommends hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. Clean-Slate Janitorial Services offers a wide variety of winter carpet cleaning services. The company’s environmentally friendly methods include using stream extraction—spraying hot water into the rug to break up salt, dirt, and allergens, which are then extracted using a special vacuum cleaner.

“Removing salt without the proper cleaners or the equipment can be difficult and can further damage the integrity of the carpet,” Panousis concludes. “This is why it’s best left to professional cleaners.”

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services has been serving commercial customers in the Greater Toronto Area, including downtown Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, and Markham, for eight years. Some of the services Clean-Slate provides include commercial office cleaning, retail management and janitorial services, floor restoration and buffing, carpet cleaning, window and blind cleaning, and construction site cleanup. To learn more about Clean-Slate Janitorial Services and get a free quote, visit www.clean-slate.ca or call Clean-Slate Janitorial Services at 416-509-7454.