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Tips for Keeping Your Office Tidy Between Cleanings

Keeping your office clean is an essential part of conveying a good image to your customers and just as important as your professional reputation. While Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, the leading provider of the best commercial cleaning service in Vaughan and the surrounding regions, recommends having us visit your location regularly, there are steps your staff can take every day to keep your office looking spotless in-between more thorough cleanings.

  • 1. Keep desks clean: Get your staff to keep their desks clean. Weekly wipes with disinfectant pads, cleaning monitors with moist paper towels, and sorting any clutter are good ways to keep their desks looking clean until the next time we visit to provide commercial cleaning service in Vaughan.
  • 2. Use a “catch-all” drawer: Otherwise known as a junk drawer, this is a place where your workers can store any miscellaneous objects from the top of their desk, such as coffee mugs, pen caps, manuals, and other clutter. These drawers should be cleaned frequently before they start to overflow.
  • 3. Open the blinds: Often, all it takes to make your office appear brighter and cleaner is opening the blinds. This is especially good during the winter, when daylight hours are limited and you and your staff will doubtlessly be starved for sunlight. Opening the blinds also creates a bright environment that conveys a good image to your clients.
  • 4. Hide cables: There’s nothing more distracting than having computer and phone cables clutter the area around a desk. Take advantage of the grommet, the hold found on the top of most desks, so that you can hide cables under desks. Coloured ties can also be used to organize your cables.
  • 5. Cover garbage cans with lids: A garbage can with a lid in the break room will prevent any odours, but you must make sure that it is emptied frequently. You should aim to empty your garbage bins at least once a day.

Your staff should take their lunch breaks in the designated break area to prevent messes at their desk. If they have to take their breaks at their desk, they should take steps to clean up afterwards, especially if the food they are eating is messy or has strong odours. And if it does small strongly, as a courtesy to their fellow co-workers, they should spray a bit of air freshener after they finish eating.

While these steps will go a long way to keeping your office clean, the time will come for a professional cleaning. As the leading provider of commercial cleaning service in Vaughan, we will clean your office from top to bottom, including those hard-to-reach spaces behind furniture.

With winter quickly approaching, your carpet is going to become messier when people start bringing in salt, snow, and ice. Plus with cold and flu season right around the corner, your carpet will hold many allergens, which can aggravate anyone who is already feeling under the weather. That means now is the time for our commercial cleaning service in Vaughan.

Or, if your flooring is tile, it doubtlessly needs a cleaning after the cool, wet summer we’ve just had. Call Clean-Slate Janitorial Services for the best commercial cleaning service in Vaughan!


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