Slips, Trips and Falls in Commercial Offices

A fall seems innocent enough, but this category of mishaps causes 15% of all accidental deaths and is only second to car accidents as a cause of death. The fall warning signs erected by cleaning contractors need to be taken seriously.  A wet floor has the potential to cause serious injury. They are among the most frequently reported injuries in the workplace.

What Causes a Slip?

A slip happens when there is not enough friction between your feet and the floor surface. When water ends up on the floor, it fills in all the surface texture of the floor and serves as a sort of lubricant. That’s why you can easily slip and fall on a wet floor. Shiny floors can cause the same effect as well, but commercial spaces now are required to install only floors that are suitable for high traffic, and not slippery.

How to Avoid a Slip?

It’s best to walk around a wet area, rather than through it, but if you have no choice, take short steps slowly. The key is patience and awareness. Slips happen when a person is typically absent minded and in a rush or too confident.

What is a Trip?

A trip happens when you hit an object of sorts and it causes you to lose your balance. This can happen when you don’t see where you are going or if there is clutter in the way. It actually doesn’t take much to lose your balance. Your pinky toe is designed to keep your whole body balanced. That means that tripping on an eraser may be enough to cause a fall.

How to Avoid a Trip?

In an office environment, it’s important to close all drawers after use, make sure extension cords are put away and that areas are properly lit. If anything is dropped, make sure that it is picked up right away.  Also when designing a space, make sure areas are easy to walk through and there are no distracting patterns on floor surfaces that may conceal something dropped on the floor.

Hiring Professional Cleaners and safety: they are related.

Janitors don’t just clean a space, they make them safer. By keeping a commercial office clutter-free, these professional cleaners are part of the support system in place that keeps everyone at the office safe.


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