Clean-Slate Janitorial Services Urges Offices and Restaurants to Take Proactive Approach to Fruit Flies and Insects as Humid Toronto Weather Rolls In

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), June 19, 2014 – Clean-Slate Janitorial Services (, a Greater Toronto Area-based professional cleaning company that specializes in commercial office cleaning, retail maintenance, floor restoration, carpet cleaning, and construction site cleanup, is urging businesses to take a proactive approach to infestation of fruit flies and other insects as warm, humid weather settles over Toronto. The company is also commenting on why it’s important to use a professional cleaning company that uses eco-friendly cleaning products.

“The cold winter weather may be long gone, but summers in Toronto can bring a whole new headache for many businesses,” says Sam Panousis, owner and operator of Clean-Slate Janitorial Services. “In fact, the humid and rainy weather conditions have made for perfect breeding conditions for fruit flies and other annoying insects in the Greater Toronto Area.”

Panousis explains that fruit flies in particular are a major nuisance in restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and offices. Not only are they a nuisance, but judging by all the negative online reviews levelled at many Toronto area restaurants, fruit flies and other annoying insects have the potential to destroy a business’ brand and reputation.

Fruit flies are tiny, winged insects that are three millimetres in length and pale brown in colour, with large, red eyes. While fruit flies prefer the outdoors during the warmer months, they are attracted indoors by decomposing fruits and vegetables and fermenting liquid in rotting garbage as it cooks in the summer heat. Fruit flies can enter an office or restaurant through an open door, and even on food brought in by employees.

“Fruit flies are harmless to humans, but they do frequent and lay eggs in unsanitary areas, and there is evidence to suggest fruit flies can carry pathogenic bacteria. It also doesn’t take long for a seemingly small issue with fruit flies to turn into a big one,” Panousis observes. “Depositing eggs into decaying fruit, vegetables, and other foods, female fruit flies can lay about 500 eggs in their approximately two-week lifespan. And the gestation period is short; fruit flies can grow from an egg to an adult in less than one week.”

To eliminate and reduce the risk of unsightly, unsanitary fruit flies and other insects from invading the office, restaurant, or other commercial property, Panousis states that it’s important to hire a janitorial services company that uses commercial-strength, eco-friendly cleaning products.

“Green cleaning products have the same cleaning power, but without the harmful side effects. Failing to use green cleaning products means unnecessarily exposing employees and customers to chemicals commonly found in both conventional cleaning and pest control products,” he concludes. “It doesn’t matter if fruit flies or other insects have infested an office, restaurant, or commercial or industrial property; a clean work environment makes a lasting impression and is important for maintaining a healthy, hygienic workspace.”

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services has been serving commercial customers in the Greater Toronto Area, including downtown Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, and Markham, for eight years. Services provided by Clean-Slate Janitorial Services include commercial office cleaning, retail management and janitorial services, floor restoration and buffing, carpet cleaning, window and blind cleaning, and construction site cleanup. To learn more about Clean-Slate Janitorial Services and to receive a free quote, visit the company’s web site at or call 416-509-7454.

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Sam Panousis

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Started my cleaning career in 1995. After spending years as a general cleaner I began to learn other cleaning skills such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor (stripping and waxing) cleaning. In 2003 managed and supervised for a large janitorial company. With all the years of experience behind me I decided to start my own janitorial company in 2008 and that was when Clean-Slate Janitorial was created. Add me to your G+ Profile

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