Places in Your Office Where Germs Accumulate

commercial cleaning servicesNow that cold and flu season is upon us, you may have noticed an increased number of people coughing and sniffling at your office. Keeping your office a germ-free environment may seem like a daunting task, but there are steps you can take to ensure a healthy environment between visits from commercial cleaning services.

The flu is often contracted through touching contaminated surfaces, so your efforts should focus first on identifying areas where germs, bacteria, and viruses accumulate, keeping those areas as clean as possible. Here are some areas where germs are likely:

The Kitchen
The kitchen/break area in your office can be a breeding ground for germs due to workers preparing food, the sink being in use and water pooling. The office microwave is typically one of the most commonly used appliances as well. Use sanitizer, antibacterial soap and clean up any water that pools on counter tops. Encourage your employees to wash their dishes and not to leave any dirty ones in the sink.

Photocopier and Printer
These are two of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in any office, even as we move towards being a “paperless society.” Wiping these machines down should be part of any office cleaning routine during cold and flu season.

Work Spaces
Get your employees to keep their desks and cubicles neat and organized. This can be facilitated by distributing alcohol wipes so they can wipe down their keyboard, mouse, and other surfaces on a weekly basis. However, don’t use wipes on LCD monitors; they should be cleaned with a moist towel.

The office isn’t the only place that should be cleaned; you must keep yourself and your employees clean as well. Aside from the obvious personal hygiene, there are two ways to help keep germs off them:

Keep Surfaces That Are Touched Frequently Clean
Look around your office for appliances and surfaces that accumulate dirt frequently, such as desktops, keyboards, door handles, and phones. Between professional office cleanings, ensure that these surfaces are cleaned regularly.

Encourage Hand Washing
One of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of germs is to encourage your employees to wash their hands frequently with antibacterial soap and to place hand sanitizer dispensers around the office.

If you and your employees make an effort to clean the office, it will go a long way towards preventing the spread of cold and flu germs. However, they can only do so much; the use of skilled professional office cleaners regularly throughout the winter will also significantly cut down on the number of people who get sick.

It should come as no surprise that germs, viruses, and other bacteria can easily build up in restrooms. Your employees may also bring bacteria in or their feet that gets left on the mats; flooring can also be a bacterial hot spot, with two million bacteria per square inch. These should receive a deep cleaning with powerful yet safe cleaning materials.

Call Clean-Slate Janitorial Services for all your professional commercial cleaning services during cold and flu season. As office cleaners available at an affordable price, we can cut down on sick days taken by your employees!

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