The Link Between Commercial Cleaning and Fire Safety

Inspectors who assess fire risks frequently cite lack of good housekeeping as a cause of fire in commercial spaces. They believe that professional cleaners can play a big part in safety precautions in a building. Lack of good cleaning and clearing of debris is usually a good indicator of other safety deficiencies found in a building.

Hiring janitors to regularly keep commercial spaces clean is a good way to ensure safety compliance. Cleaners can achieve this by keeping the escape path clear from any obstacles and ensuring that any flammable materials are removed on a regular basis.

It is important for good communication and co-operation between fire risk assessors, professional commercial cleaners and building managers. Building managers should ask cleaners to be on the look out for safety deficiencies while they work. They can watch out for overloaded plug sockets, extension plugs, portable heaters and make sure that fans are kept clean and free from obstruction. The build up of dirt in fans can potentially cause electrical hazards and pose a fire risk.

Building managers need to make sure that rooms and buildings are used for their intended purposes only. Most commercial office spaces should not house large quantities of flammable liquids or any kind of substance that is a high fire risk. Building managers can ask janitors to be on the lookout for these types of risks and report them as soon as possible.

There is a very close link between good housekeeping and fire safety. Your contract cleaners can play a critical role in ensuring that safety precautions are met. This is perhaps one of the more important conversations to have with your cleaning contractor. At Clean Slate Janitorial Services, we take fire safety seriously and will be your partner in fire prevention.  Contact us today at 416 509-7454 for a free quote.


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