Kitchen Etiquette in Commercial Offices

Commercial office cleaners will tell you that one of the hardest places to clean, and the place with the greatest variability of cleanliness is the office kitchen. When you mix food with people, the end result is usually some kind of organic mess that usually requires cleaning. Since everyone has a different standard, the kitchen becomes a kind of battleground for office workers. However, with the right rules in place, you can prevent the kitchen from turning into the office’s worse eyesore.

These are some of the rules implemented by offices that maintain a clean space:

  • No dishes in the sink. If the dishwasher is full, keep dishes at your workspace until the load is clear
  • Keep cleaning wipes or paper towels next to the microwave. Make it mandatory to wipe after each use, even if you don’t think it needs wiping.
  • No food kept in fridge overnight. The fridge should be emptied everyday to prevent people from storing their lunches overnight. No exceptions.
  • Keep paper towels at any dining table areas and keep a sign there that states that table must be wiped after each use
  • No hoarding dishes. Any communal dishes left in personal work area will be penalized with a fine
  • Stolen food: All food must be label. Stickers and markers to be provide at each fridge. Security cameras can be installed here

Some of the things on this list sound drastic, but when it comes to sharing a communal kitchen, rules must be in place to make sure the space stays clean all day. This is one place that can’t wait until the Janitors arrive in the evenings. So if rules are implemented during the day, then everyone can enjoy the communal space and there will be less employee friction.

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