Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, Toronto’s Leading Commercial and Retail Cleaner, Weighs in on Importance of Winter Carpet Cleaning

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), October 27, 2014 – Clean-Slate Janitorial Services (, a Greater Toronto Area-based professional cleaning company that specializes in commercial office cleaning, retail maintenance, floor restoration, carpet cleaning, and construction site cleanup, is weighing in on how retailers should retain commercial cleaning services in Toronto this winter.

“Salt is one of the biggest obstacles to maintaining a clean carpet, and with the snowfall expected to be heavy again this year, retailers may face a constant flow of boots that carry the snow and salt into their store throughout the day,” says Sam Panousis, owner and operator of Clean-Slate Janitorial Services. “It’s an unavoidable situation, but part of one’s job as a retailer is to welcome customers into the store, and with customers comes the salt and dirt they bring in from the outside. Of course, the more customers, the more sales, so it’s actually a good problem to have.”

Panousis explains that salt left unattended on a carpet turns into white salt stains that become difficult to remove and can actually cause long-term damage to a carpet. That’s why the only way for retailers to consistently keep their carpet clean is to hire professional cleaning services in Toronto.

“An experienced office cleaning company like Clean-Slate will work with retailers to maintain the look and condition of their carpets,” he adds. “This is particularly important if the carpet is near the entrance, where people first come in.”

Panousis observes that first impressions are something all retailers have to deal with, and that the first judgement consumers make isn’t of the products inside the store, but of the business’ cleanliness and overall aesthetic. And if a store isn’t clean, it will impact customers’ experience and purchasing behaviour–a concern that tends to be more prevalent in the winter.

“Retailers try their best to create a memorable shopping experience for their customers, and part of our job offering commercial cleaning services in Toronto is to do our part to add to that experience,” Panousis concludes. “That’s why we at Clean-Slate Janitorial Services offer effective cleaning services in Toronto this winter that include carpet and window cleaning, among several other services.”

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services has been serving commercial customers in the Greater Toronto Area, including downtown Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, and Markham, for eight years. Services provided by Clean-Slate Janitorial Services include commercial office cleaning, retail management and janitorial services, floor restoration and buffing, carpet cleaning, window and blind cleaning, and construction site cleanup. To learn more about Clean-Slate Janitorial Services and to receive a free quote, visit the company’s web site at or call 416-509-7454.

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Sam Panousis

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Started my cleaning career in 1995. After spending years as a general cleaner I began to learn other cleaning skills such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor (stripping and waxing) cleaning. In 2003 managed and supervised for a large janitorial company. With all the years of experience behind me I decided to start my own janitorial company in 2008 and that was when Clean-Slate Janitorial was created. Add me to your G+ Profile

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