How Professional Commercial Cleaners Vacuum More Efficiently

Ever notice how something like vacuuming can take a different amount of time, depending on who is doing it? As one of the leading provider of commercial janitorial services in the Greater Toronto area, Clean Slate Janitorial Services has perfected the art of vacuuming. We can give you a fairly accurate assessment of how long it takes to perform a certain cleaning task.

Here’s our list of how we evaluate and clean a commercially carpeted space:

We always inspect the general area that we are going to vacuum, making sure that it’s not wet, for example. Moisture can be sucked into vacuums and cause damage to the machine.

We pick up larger debris from the carpeted area. One item stuck in a vacuum can lead to wasted time fixing and restarting. Best to avoid the situation in the first place and pick up larger items, and not assume the vacuum will suck everything, even if it is a powerful, commercial grade cleaning apparatus.

We check the filter bag before each use. Experienced cleaners can feel by the weight of the vacuum, if the filter bag is getting full. But we double check to make sure that we are cleaning with enough bag space to do the job. Using a vacuum with the bag already at maximum capacity will just waste time.

We check the brush to make sure it is clear and check the general condition of the vacuum before proceeding.

We vacuum in a forward moving direction and overlap to ensure that the entire surface of the carpet is properly cleaned. We use a wand for stairs and surfaces that are not widely flat.

We change directions of vacuuming from time to time, to get the best cleaning effect.

If you have an office or commercial space that is carpeted, make sure you hire a professional cleaning service that uses the best equipment and techniques. Contact us today for a free estimate. We offer excellent commercial cleaning services in Toronto Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area.


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