How Professional Cleaners Clean Windows

Most janitors who work in commercial office cleaning have their own “secret” method for getting windows squeaky clean. They learn this from other cleaners and from experience. Years of practice means that cleaning windows so they sparkle is effortless.

Clean Slate Janitorial Services shares their window cleaning tips and tricks.

There is no need to use extremely harsh chemicals.  In fact a lot of these harsh chemicals leave residue, which defeats the purpose. Eco friendly and gentle alternatives are effective. Depending on how much dirt and grime is found on the glass, different techniques or cleaning agents may be used.

The right tools are critical. You don’t need a wide range of tools, just the right ones. You need one tool to put water on the windows, such as a T-bar with a washer on one end.  And another to take off the water- a squeegee. Then you need material to wipe down the edge of the window, such as a scrim cloth.

The right technique is important. Use water/detergent solution and wipe the entire widow with the washer. Wipe the window with squeegee in an “S” shape. Professional cleaners call this the “fanning” technique because of the shape that is created when using the cleaning tools along the glass. The blade should remain on the window, otherwise you will end up with a water line. If you aren’t able to avoid this water line, then the scrim cloth can be used to clean it up. Finally, after the glass has been squeegeed, the scrim cloth is used to wipe up any marks left behind.

Because sparkling clean windows is vital to making a space feel more pleasant, contracting out window cleaning to the experts is recommended for commercial spaces. A professional cleaner can clean windows much faster. With a regularly scheduled window cleaning, you will never have to work in an office that looks dull. At Clean Slate Janitorial Services, we ensure that we use the appropriate cleaning fluids that aren’t toxic. Contact use today for a free quote. We are experts at cleaning windows in Toronto, Vaughan and the Greater Toronto area.


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