Cleaning Salt Stains from Floor (Winter Cleaning)

blog-11Snow and salt: a combination that makes cleaning floors a challenge in the winter, especially in the Toronto area. Salt is a corrosive substance that can seriously damage carpet and wood. It is important to know the right ways of cleaning salt stains from floor and other surfaces. Commercial offices are high traffic places that end up with a lot of salt and snow during the winter.

This kind of seasonal cleaning is easily handled by cleaning professionals. Salt and snow add steps to a typical cleaning routine and present various challenges to maintaining the cleanliness of offices facilities. Removing salt residue is not a simple task. Most regular floor cleaning chemicals or neutral cleaners have been specifically designed for getting rid of the usual grime and dirt. With the added complication of salt, extra care and attention is needed.

What Makes Salt Stains Very Difficult to Remove from Floors and Other Surfaces?

In order to get rid of salt residue, it needs to be neutralized. The pH must be changed to neutral or 7. If not, it will only smear around the floor and turn into a mess. Salt can easily damage most floor surfaces, if not taken care of quickly and carefully.

Simple Tips

To clean salt stains from floors, use a lot of hot/warm water. Once dry, salt crystals will act like sandpaper and scratch the floor’s finish. Another technique is to use warm water with 2 tablespoons of ammonia and one tablespoon of borax. Warm water and vinegar can also do the trick.

For commercial offices, it is best to leave this job to the hands of expert commercial cleaners who know what should be done to effectively remove all salt stains from floors. With the long winters in Ontario, professional janitorial services are essential.

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