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Security Issues to Consider when Using Janitorial Services

janitor cleaning at night
Do you know who is coming to clean your commercial space?

The rental of commercial office spaces continues to expand across the GTA, creating a demand for professional Janitorial services like Clean-Slate.  In areas like Woodbridge, Ontario, Clean Slate recommends the services of independently owned cleaners who are locally based and committed to not just expert cleaning, but security. For those considering hiring professional Janitors, Clean-Slate weighs in on security issues:

Professional cleaning crews have keys to your entire office. There is a huge trust factor involved with the cleaning of your facilities each night.  A company that has been in business for years will have evidence of trust from their clients. Whether your office is in Woodbridge, Concord or Vaughan, you must do your due diligence.

Ensure that your Commercial Cleaning Service runs background checks on all cleaning crew members who will enter your commercial space.  Those with criminal backgrounds should be screened out. It is important to request that your Commercial Cleaning Service provide you with background checks before new personnel are allowed in your facilities.


Be aware of miscommunications with non native English speakers. Many professional cleaners do not speak English as a first language.  It is important to make sure that individuals who have access to your commercial space understand all proper security measures and have enough of a command of the language to communicate and understand any emergency situation. In diverse regions like Toronto and the GTA, this is an especially important point.

Make sure your Janitorial Service is Bonded and Insured. In the event of theft or damage, your commercial property needs the assurance that you will not incur financial loss should anything go wrong. ­All professional cleaners should be able to provide evidence of Bonding and Insurance.

A reliable, experienced commercial cleaning company will work closely with the facilities manager to ensure that that the cleaners who come to your office to perform janitorial duties are trustworthy and will care for your space. Clean-Slate Janitorial Service, a leader in providing professional, insured and bonded cleaning has been serving areas like Woodbridge, Ontario for many years. Contact us today to discuss your security concerns with cleaning staff that enter your property.

Clean-Slate Suggests Adding Plants to your Commercial Space to Improve Air Quality

indoor plants illustration
Indoor Plants do more than just look pretty

Office managers in Concord, Ontario and the surrounding area are often seeking ways to improve the work environment for their employees. Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, which provides reliable, affordable professional cleaning, suggests the addition of plants to improve air quality.

Indoor plant are more than just decorative accessories. They are instrumental in reducing the concentration of contaminants in an office space. These contaminants include things like benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. The process reduces the quantity of air borne germs and increase humidity. Also, plants create an environment that mimics nature, providing a psychological boost that can help increase employee productivity.

How Many Plants Do You Need?

Clean Slate Janitorial Services recommends approximately 1 plant per 10 meters of floor space.  Depending on the office budget and esthetic preferences, any plant is better than no plant.

Here is a list that provide some of the best air purifying effects:

Schefflera (umbrella plant)

Epipremnum aureum (or Pothos)


Chlorophytum (or Spider Plant)

Ivy (Hedera helix)

Chamaedorea elegans  ( parlor palm )


Planets Need Special Care

Of course, with the addition of indoor plants in your office space, you need to ensure that the janitors who clean the space take special care in handling them. Watering them regularly is essential, but so is making sure they don’t get damaged during any regular clean-ups.Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, which serves Concord and the surround area, are experts, at not only recommending clean air solutions, but in ensuring that your commercial office is optimize for employee health and wellbeing. For more information about our services, contact us at 416 509 7454.


Clean-Slate Janitorial Discusses Areas of an Office That are The Most Dirty

Female Janitor With Supplies

Janitors at Clean-Slate Janitorial Services understand that not all areas to be clean are created equal. In all our years of servicing areas such as Vaughan, Ontario, we have consistently found that some areas are in need of greater attention than others.

Those who are looking to hire professional commercial cleaners often think bathrooms, floors and kitchen areas as the places that need the greatest level of attention. But they are not as aware that door knobs, light switches and computer equipment may, in fact harbor more germs.

Guess What Harbours the Most Germs?

According to scientists who research microbes and their threat to human health, some workplaces are a hundred times dirtier than public toilets.

For example, a computer mouse is one of the most handled objects in the office. One that has not been cleaned for several weeks, contains about 1,676 microbes per square inch. The keyboard would contain even more: 3300 microbes per square inch.

About Your Phones

Phones are also one of the dirtiest places in the office. Phone buttons and mouthpieces harbor about 25,000 micro organisms per square inch. In fact, any object that comes into near contact with human hands or the mouth are typically the most prone to bacterial build up.

As a comparison, public office toilets contain only 50 microbes per square inch. This means that they are about 400 times cleaner than most pieces of well-handled office equipment. These numbers are often shocking as it is contrary to what many of us may assume.

Clean Offices are Healthy Offices

When hiring a professional janitorial company to clean your office space, you should also consider the wide range of office equipment that needs to be clean.  Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, which has been serving the Vaughan Area for many years will be happy to discuss with you all the cleaning options available for your office space. Please give us a call at: 416 509 7454

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services Weighs in on Window Cleaning Cons, Provides Advice to Avoid Scams

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services (, a leading service provider of commercial office cleaning in Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area, is weighing in on a string of recent window cleaning scams in the U.K. Clean-Slate Janitorial Services also provides its expert advice on how to avoid being similarly scammed.

In the southwest England town of Bath, a man has been performing scams related to window cleaning. Claiming to work for a local newspaper, the man has been offering window cleaning services for a low price, then raising the price upon completion. The individual is currently being hunted by authorities. (Source: Sharman, D., “Police hunt window cleaning conman who claimed he worked for newspaper,”, July 15, 2015;

“It’s far safer to contact a professional cleaning service,” say Sam Panousis, owner and operator of Clean-Slate Janitorial Services. “A legitimate company is highly unlikely to contact you first, which is why it’s advised to ignore any unsolicited calls offering window cleaning and other janitorial services.”

When looking for a company that offers window cleaning, or any type of cleaning for that matter, doing research is an important first step. Check their site for testimonials and look to see what people are saying about them on social media.

Checking to see if the company is bonded and insured is also strongly recommended. Most cleaning companies will have this information, along with any certifications they have, listed on their web site and printed material. They will also be happy to provide them to potential clients; if they aren’t upfront with this information that should serve as another red flag.

“What happened to the residents of Bath was unfortunate, but this situation only serves to emphasize the importance of not taking chances and hiring a trusted name for window cleaning,” Panousis concludes. “When receiving an unsolicited call for cleaning services, it’s best to respectfully decline.”

As the leading window cleaners in Vaughan, Clean-Slate Janitorial Services provides a variety of cleaning services for office and retail environments. To find out more, visit

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services Weighs in on the Importance of a Freshly Waxed Floor During the Summer

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services (, a leading service provider of commercial office cleaning in Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area, is weighing in on the importance of keeping floors waxed and stripped during the summer months.

“Following the damage caused by snow and rain in the winter and spring, vinyl and ceramic flooring can be left looking worse for the wear,” says Sam Panousis, owner and operator of Clean Slate Janitorial Services. “And with people being more active in the summer compared to the other seasons that traffic—and the dirt and other materials that come with it—is only going to increase.”

Stripping removes all the dirt, debris, stains, and old wax that have accumulated on floors over time. It is also recommended that businesses have their floors waxed, which provides a number of benefits, such as giving the flooring a glossy shine and a cleaner look. It also makes wear and tear in high traffic areas less obvious and keeps moisture out, which is especially important during periods of summer humidity. (Source: “Stripping And Waxing Floors,” Out of Sight Cleaning web site;, last accessed July 8, 2015.)

High traffic areas in many offices, such as reception and break rooms, tend to need waxing and stripping services the most. The combination of dust and debris, along with the harsh road salts being used by municipal crews, can cause scratches and other, deeper damage. Not only does this cause flooring to look worn out, but it also conveys a poor image to clients.

“Floor stripping can clean up all the dirt and debris that has accumulated on flooring,” Panousis concludes. “Combine this with a good waxing and a floor will look as good as new and convey a good image to customers.”

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services offers floor waxing for commercial and retail properties in Vaughan and the surrounding regions. For more information, visit