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The Link Between Commercial Cleaning and Fire Safety

Inspectors who assess fire risks frequently cite lack of good housekeeping as a cause of fire in commercial spaces. They believe that professional cleaners can play a big part in safety precautions in a building. Lack of good cleaning and clearing of debris is usually a good indicator of other safety deficiencies found in a building.

Hiring janitors to regularly keep commercial spaces clean is a good way to ensure safety compliance. Cleaners can achieve this by keeping the escape path clear from any obstacles and ensuring that any flammable materials are removed on a regular basis.

It is important for good communication and co-operation between fire risk assessors, professional commercial cleaners and building managers. Building managers should ask cleaners to be on the look out for safety deficiencies while they work. They can watch out for overloaded plug sockets, extension plugs, portable heaters and make sure that fans are kept clean and free from obstruction. The build up of dirt in fans can potentially cause electrical hazards and pose a fire risk.

Building managers need to make sure that rooms and buildings are used for their intended purposes only. Most commercial office spaces should not house large quantities of flammable liquids or any kind of substance that is a high fire risk. Building managers can ask janitors to be on the lookout for these types of risks and report them as soon as possible.

There is a very close link between good housekeeping and fire safety. Your contract cleaners can play a critical role in ensuring that safety precautions are met. This is perhaps one of the more important conversations to have with your cleaning contractor. At Clean Slate Janitorial Services, we take fire safety seriously and will be your partner in fire prevention.  Contact us today at 416 509-7454 for a free quote.


The Best CEO’s Value the Services of a Janitor

What do the best companies to work for all have in common? The leaders value the skills of everyone who works with the company- including the cleaning staff. They know that it takes an entire team of people who contribute in different ways to build any kind of effective organization.

A company’s cleaning staff plays a critical role in maintaining order in state of constant change. It’s not an after-thought or insignificant role. A leader who sees the interconnectedness of all things understands this and will make sure that the quality of the cleaning contractors matches the vision that he or she has for the business. They will do their research, ask for references and make sure that this hiring decision is as important as any other one in the company.

From the intern to the upper manager, the CEO of a company sees the big picture and values everyone in it.  This includes contractors such as professional cleaners. The professional cleaners provide support regularly for the entire office, but they do their work, outside of office hours. So it’s easy to dismiss this unseen work as invisible.

However, any office will stop to function properly if the entire space is a dirty, cluttered mess. Often, people don’t realize how little time it takes for a space to become unpleasant and unusable. But the hardworking, reliable cleaning contractors know. It’s not unusually for people to take their services for granted, since they don’t have regular interaction with them. These people would be surprised at how important the cleaning contractor are in helping them keep order in their lives.

Clean Slate Janitorial Services has been providing excellent cleaning results for the most demanding commercial spaces. Contact us today at 416 509-7454 for a free quote.


Slips, Trips and Falls in Commercial Offices

A fall seems innocent enough, but this category of mishaps causes 15% of all accidental deaths and is only second to car accidents as a cause of death. The fall warning signs erected by cleaning contractors need to be taken seriously.  A wet floor has the potential to cause serious injury. They are among the most frequently reported injuries in the workplace.

What Causes a Slip?

A slip happens when there is not enough friction between your feet and the floor surface. When water ends up on the floor, it fills in all the surface texture of the floor and serves as a sort of lubricant. That’s why you can easily slip and fall on a wet floor. Shiny floors can cause the same effect as well, but commercial spaces now are required to install only floors that are suitable for high traffic, and not slippery.

How to Avoid a Slip?

It’s best to walk around a wet area, rather than through it, but if you have no choice, take short steps slowly. The key is patience and awareness. Slips happen when a person is typically absent minded and in a rush or too confident.

What is a Trip?

A trip happens when you hit an object of sorts and it causes you to lose your balance. This can happen when you don’t see where you are going or if there is clutter in the way. It actually doesn’t take much to lose your balance. Your pinky toe is designed to keep your whole body balanced. That means that tripping on an eraser may be enough to cause a fall.

How to Avoid a Trip?

In an office environment, it’s important to close all drawers after use, make sure extension cords are put away and that areas are properly lit. If anything is dropped, make sure that it is picked up right away.  Also when designing a space, make sure areas are easy to walk through and there are no distracting patterns on floor surfaces that may conceal something dropped on the floor.

Hiring Professional Cleaners and safety: they are related.

Janitors don’t just clean a space, they make them safer. By keeping a commercial office clutter-free, these professional cleaners are part of the support system in place that keeps everyone at the office safe.


Kitchen Etiquette in Commercial Offices

Commercial office cleaners will tell you that one of the hardest places to clean, and the place with the greatest variability of cleanliness is the office kitchen. When you mix food with people, the end result is usually some kind of organic mess that usually requires cleaning. Since everyone has a different standard, the kitchen becomes a kind of battleground for office workers. However, with the right rules in place, you can prevent the kitchen from turning into the office’s worse eyesore.

These are some of the rules implemented by offices that maintain a clean space:

  • No dishes in the sink. If the dishwasher is full, keep dishes at your workspace until the load is clear
  • Keep cleaning wipes or paper towels next to the microwave. Make it mandatory to wipe after each use, even if you don’t think it needs wiping.
  • No food kept in fridge overnight. The fridge should be emptied everyday to prevent people from storing their lunches overnight. No exceptions.
  • Keep paper towels at any dining table areas and keep a sign there that states that table must be wiped after each use
  • No hoarding dishes. Any communal dishes left in personal work area will be penalized with a fine
  • Stolen food: All food must be label. Stickers and markers to be provide at each fridge. Security cameras can be installed here

Some of the things on this list sound drastic, but when it comes to sharing a communal kitchen, rules must be in place to make sure the space stays clean all day. This is one place that can’t wait until the Janitors arrive in the evenings. So if rules are implemented during the day, then everyone can enjoy the communal space and there will be less employee friction.

5 Types of Spaces That Need a Professional Cleaning Company

A small one or two-person start-up may be able to get away without hiring a janitor, but once a company grows, there is no way you can avoid using a professional cleaning service. Contract cleaners are the behind-the-scenes help that every growing enterprise needs. Here’s a list of the type of spaces that need professional help:

Large Offices

Offices with people moving about and using the space all day need professional cleaners after hours. There is no way that individuals can manage to keep both their personal work areas and communal areas clean on larger scale. People vary greatly in their own level of cleanliness and it’s not fair for the more conscientious to clean after the less conscientious


Public and private schools have strict health and safety standards. The space should be kept free from germs and airborne viruses. Public schools are usually high traffic spaces with students tracking in a greater degree of dirt than office workers. Private schools also need to maintain an excellent standard of cleanliness for reputation purposes.

Medical Buildings

If a business is in the medical sector, then cleanliness is of paramount importance. In fact, cleanliness can be life or death in certain situations.  Trained professional cleaners know how to prevent cross contamination and eliminate harmful bacteria. Contract cleaners who work with these types of institutions have to know what the standards are.


Wherever there is a specific space designed to showcase goods/services/real estate for sale, there is a need for the space to look at it’s best at all times. Presentation itself delivers a percentage of the value of a business. Only professional cleaners have the patience and consistency to deliver a top-notch clean space every day.