5 Types of Spaces That Need a Professional Cleaning Company

A small one or two-person start-up may be able to get away without hiring a janitor, but once a company grows, there is no way you can avoid using a professional cleaning service. Contract cleaners are the behind-the-scenes help that every growing enterprise needs. Here’s a list of the type of spaces that need professional help:

Large Offices

Offices with people moving about and using the space all day need professional cleaners after hours. There is no way that individuals can manage to keep both their personal work areas and communal areas clean on larger scale. People vary greatly in their own level of cleanliness and it’s not fair for the more conscientious to clean after the less conscientious


Public and private schools have strict health and safety standards. The space should be kept free from germs and airborne viruses. Public schools are usually high traffic spaces with students tracking in a greater degree of dirt than office workers. Private schools also need to maintain an excellent standard of cleanliness for reputation purposes.

Medical Buildings

If a business is in the medical sector, then cleanliness is of paramount importance. In fact, cleanliness can be life or death in certain situations.  Trained professional cleaners know how to prevent cross contamination and eliminate harmful bacteria. Contract cleaners who work with these types of institutions have to know what the standards are.


Wherever there is a specific space designed to showcase goods/services/real estate for sale, there is a need for the space to look at it’s best at all times. Presentation itself delivers a percentage of the value of a business. Only professional cleaners have the patience and consistency to deliver a top-notch clean space every day.

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