Top Tips for Removing Stains

To save money, you decided to hold your office holiday party in-house. But unfortunately, one of your employees may not have been watching what they were doing, or perhaps they were feeling a bit too much “holiday cheer,” and they ended up spilling red wine on your carpet.

While you may think that’s the end for your carpet and you’re looking for plants to cover the unsightly stain with, there are steps you can take to completely remove the stain, according to Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, the Greater Toronto Area’s leading provider of professional cleaning services.

First, if the stain has been there for a while, we recommend having a professional cleaner come in to remove it. If you’re looking to get rid of a wine stain or the salt and mud stains that invariably cover your carpet at this time of year, call on us and we’ll have your carpet looking as good as new. And even if your carpet is free of major stains, a thorough cleaning is a great way to start the New Year fresh.

We at Clean-Slate also have some advice for next year’s office party, should there be a repeat of Jane from accounting spilling her MERLOT or John from IT splashing his beer on the carpet.

Dab the spill as soon as it happens, and be sure to keep clothing cleaner on hand. This doesn’t just have to be for stains from wine; coffee, tea, and soda can also leave unsightly stains.

Another option is to keep a combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on hand for any spills that may occur during the work week. First, dab the stain, then spray the hydrogen peroxide and apply the baking soda. Let it stand for approximately three minutes and it should clean right up, leaving your carpet looking pristine until your next professional cleaning.

You can even make your own cleaning solution from products you can find around the home. A simple cleaning solution made of one-fourth of a teaspoon of bleach or white vinegar, combined with 32 ounces of water, creates an effective cleaning solution. A tablespoon of ammonia mixed with water is another effective combination for removing stains from your carpet.

Even if you use any of these methods, this may only cause the stain to fade to the point where it’s barely visible; that’s why the office cleaning experts at Clean-Slate recommend regular cleanings. You can have them done as rarely as once every 12 to 18 months, but we recommend hiring a professional cleaner to clean your carpets more frequently, especially during the winter.

The cleanliness of your carpet says a lot about your business, and if it’s dotted with stains, it will not convey a good image to your clients. Call on Clean-Slate to make your carpet look immaculate today!


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