The Unknown Benefits of Carpets

Carpet Cleaning ServicesIt seems as if everywhere you turn, carpets are getting a bad rap. Many people have discarded their carpets, believing they are bad for allergies or difficult to clean. But the truth is that most of the claims against carpets are false; in actuality, carpets have several benefits that make them perfect for use in both homes and offices.

So What Are the Benefits of Carpet?

One of the biggest misconceptions about carpets is that they are bad for people with allergies. However, it’s been proven to be the exact opposite; carpet acts as a trap that keeps all the dust and other allergens out of the air, and once the carpet is cleaned, whether by vacuuming or other means, the dust is gone. This actually improves air quality, so individuals with asthma can feel safe and breathe comfortably.

Another fact about carpet that may surprise you is that it has one of the lowest amounts of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions of any common flooring. And the VOCs it does emit tend to be short-lived, usually vanishing within 24 hours.

And then there are the practical reasons for carpet. For one, it’s actually safer; when someone falls, carpet softens the impact significantly. It’s also much quieter than other surfaces, so in an office environment where people are constantly walking up and down, it reduces the noise, leading to a calmer office environment.

Keeping Carpet Clean

Even during the winter, carpet cleaning can be done with a high efficiency if done by professionals. Clean-Slate Janitorial Services has been providing expert cleaning services around the GTA for years. At Clean-Slate, we provide office and building cleaning services for all commercial businesses and properties throughout the GTA.


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