Security Issues to Consider when Using Janitorial Services

janitor cleaning at night
Do you know who is coming to clean your commercial space?

The rental of commercial office spaces continues to expand across the GTA, creating a demand for professional Janitorial services like Clean-Slate.  In areas like Woodbridge, Ontario, Clean Slate recommends the services of independently owned cleaners who are locally based and committed to not just expert cleaning, but security. For those considering hiring professional Janitors, Clean-Slate weighs in on security issues:

Professional cleaning crews have keys to your entire office. There is a huge trust factor involved with the cleaning of your facilities each night.  A company that has been in business for years will have evidence of trust from their clients. Whether your office is in Woodbridge, Concord or Vaughan, you must do your due diligence.

Ensure that your Commercial Cleaning Service runs background checks on all cleaning crew members who will enter your commercial space.  Those with criminal backgrounds should be screened out. It is important to request that your Commercial Cleaning Service provide you with background checks before new personnel are allowed in your facilities.


Be aware of miscommunications with non native English speakers. Many professional cleaners do not speak English as a first language.  It is important to make sure that individuals who have access to your commercial space understand all proper security measures and have enough of a command of the language to communicate and understand any emergency situation. In diverse regions like Toronto and the GTA, this is an especially important point.

Make sure your Janitorial Service is Bonded and Insured. In the event of theft or damage, your commercial property needs the assurance that you will not incur financial loss should anything go wrong. ­All professional cleaners should be able to provide evidence of Bonding and Insurance.

A reliable, experienced commercial cleaning company will work closely with the facilities manager to ensure that that the cleaners who come to your office to perform janitorial duties are trustworthy and will care for your space. Clean-Slate Janitorial Service, a leader in providing professional, insured and bonded cleaning has been serving areas like Woodbridge, Ontario for many years. Contact us today to discuss your security concerns with cleaning staff that enter your property.

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