How Professional Cleaners Remove Odours

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Cleaning to remove smells

Commercial Offices in Toronto and the GTA, including Vaughan, Concord and Woodbridge, have come to Clean-Slate Janitorial Services asking for expertise in removing odors from their space. The most obvious causes are food residue and spaces that have been neglected for too long, allowing mildew and dust to accumulate and cause unpleasant smells.  As well, bathrooms not properly cleaned are also culprits.

Professional Cleaners will use strong, effective cleaning supplies that attack the germs and bacteria causing the offending smell, and ensure that the corners are cleaned thoroughly.

However, sometimes this is not sufficient and techniques like wet and thermal fogging are used to disinfect and deodorize the air. Very small particles of a solution are sprayed in the air and on surfaces. This helps to eliminate smells not entirely cleaned by other means.

Another professional way of cleaning the air is using Ozone. Ozone, which can be sprayed by special machines, removes offending odors by breaking down molecules, spores and bacteria. Ozone (03) is a very reactive molecule which reacts with particles in the air and on surfaces. It attaches itself to other molecules and changes the chemical structure that creates neutral smelling molecules, thereby cleaning the air.

The best way to avoid having to resort to more advance odor removal techniques is to simply to use the services of a professional cleaner, such as Clean-Slate Janitorial Services to regularly maintain the cleanliness of a space and to ensure that your commercial space smell fresh and pleasant.

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