Office Window Cleaning in Toronto

Why Window Cleaning?
There are a number of reasons why you want your windows clean at all times, the biggest being that having a view of the outside world can provide employees with much needed moments of relaxation. There’s also the cost savings that natural light provides; if you have clean windows, you can use natural light instead of turning on the lights. Finally, having clean windows conveys a good image to your clients and customers.

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services provides our customers with the best office window cleaning in Toronto and the surrounding regions. We believe in taking a thorough approach, cleaning the blinds and everything surrounding your windows in addition to the windows themselves.

Our Experience and Features
At Clean-Slate, we use cleaning materials that are guaranteed not to streak and will leave your windows looking as good as new. And to ensure a streak-free shine, we use only the highest-quality equipment. We will even clean the frames of your windows! And since vertical blinds can be magnets for dust, dirt, and debris as well, our services also include cleaning blinds.

Why Choose Us?
Our success comes from a combination of experience, equipment and materials. No matter the size of your windows, we will make sure that they are sparkling clean and do a thorough job to ensure that everything, from the glass to the frame, looks its best. When we say we’re going to clean your windows, we mean both inside and out. Our office cleaners are all professionally trained and will respect your office space and equipment.

With offices in Toronto and Vaughan, we are ideally situated to serve offices around the GTA and able to arrive quickly. Whether you’re looking to have your store or office’s windows cleaned, call Clean-Slate Janitorial Services for the best window and blind cleaning services in Toronto. Contact us to learn more!