Clean-Slate Janitorial Services Weighs In On Study Regarding Negative Effects of Cleaning Products on People with Asthma

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services (, a leading service provider of commercial office cleaning in Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area, is weighing in on a recent study that found that fumes from cleaning products could have a negative impact on those suffering from asthma.

According to a new study published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the fumes released by cleaning products used in the workplace can worsen the symptoms of asthma in those with the condition. The study, performed by the University of Montreal Hospital Research Center, examined 21 women who had asthma and were employed as professional cleaners. Over the course of the approximately two-week study, 17 of the women claimed to suffer from an upper respiratory tract symptom, such as sneezing, while 18 women displayed a lower respiratory tract symptom, like coughing. (Source: Nelson, R., “The Cleaning Products At Your Office Could Be Triggering Asthma Symptoms,” Huffington Post, May 22, 2015;

“Many employers may not even realize that the everyday cleaning products being used may be making their employees sick,” says Sam Panousis, owner and operator of Clean-Slate Janitorial Services. “Bleach, glass cleaner, dishwasher detergents, and even air fresheners can all aggravate asthma conditions.”

The researchers noted that this is not the first study to connect cleaning products to asthma, with several reports in the past few years coming to similar conclusions. However, they also said that given the small test group, the results of their own work should be interpreted “carefully” and called for further research.

“Any business, whether a cleaning company or otherwise, should check the products being used to see if they will cause any adverse reactions in people with respiratory ailments,” Panousis adds. “In addition, a commercial office cleaning service should use only non-allergenic cleaning materials; if this means that either the business or the client pays a bit more for access to non-allergenic products then so be it.”

“Many products pose an even greater risk for those without the proper equipment and training, so it is still recommended to leave major cleaning tasks up to the professionals,” Panousis concludes. “That said, the use of safer products is something that clients can also apply to their home life if anyone in their family suffers from respiratory issues or other conditions.”
Clean-Slate Janitorial Services is an office cleaning company in Toronto that takes the necessary steps to protect both its employees and its clients.

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Sam Panousis

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Started my cleaning career in 1995. After spending years as a general cleaner I began to learn other cleaning skills such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor (stripping and waxing) cleaning. In 2003 managed and supervised for a large janitorial company. With all the years of experience behind me I decided to start my own janitorial company in 2008 and that was when Clean-Slate Janitorial was created. Add me to your G+ Profile

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