Clean-Slate Janitorial Discusses Areas of an Office That are The Most Dirty

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Janitors at Clean-Slate Janitorial Services understand that not all areas to be clean are created equal. In all our years of servicing areas such as Vaughan, Ontario, we have consistently found that some areas are in need of greater attention than others.

Those who are looking to hire professional commercial cleaners often think bathrooms, floors and kitchen areas as the places that need the greatest level of attention. But they are not as aware that door knobs, light switches and computer equipment may, in fact harbor more germs.

Guess What Harbours the Most Germs?

According to scientists who research microbes and their threat to human health, some workplaces are a hundred times dirtier than public toilets.

For example, a computer mouse is one of the most handled objects in the office. One that has not been cleaned for several weeks, contains about 1,676 microbes per square inch. The keyboard would contain even more: 3300 microbes per square inch.

About Your Phones

Phones are also one of the dirtiest places in the office. Phone buttons and mouthpieces harbor about 25,000 micro organisms per square inch. In fact, any object that comes into near contact with human hands or the mouth are typically the most prone to bacterial build up.

As a comparison, public office toilets contain only 50 microbes per square inch. This means that they are about 400 times cleaner than most pieces of well-handled office equipment. These numbers are often shocking as it is contrary to what many of us may assume.

Clean Offices are Healthy Offices

When hiring a professional janitorial company to clean your office space, you should also consider the wide range of office equipment that needs to be clean.  Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, which has been serving the Vaughan Area for many years will be happy to discuss with you all the cleaning options available for your office space. Please give us a call at: 416 509 7454

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