Easy and Fast Tips to Make Your Office’s Hardwood Floor Shine Without Toxic Chemicals

hardwood floor cleanerIf you want clean hardwood floors in your office, calling the professionals is the best bet. That’s because a hardwood floor cleaner in Toronto won’t use the harsh chemicals that may trigger allergies or other respiratory ailments in employees.

But how do you keep your office floors looking their best between professional cleanings? During the winter, it may seem like keeping them clean is a losing battle, especially considering that water can cause additional damage.

To have great-looking hardwood floors between visits from a professional cleaner, just follow these office cleaning tips:

  • Sweep or dust entranceways every day. This will prevent surface dirt from accumulating and causing damage to your floor.
  • Invest in a soft cloth mop and mop high-traffic areas once a week and low-traffic areas once every couple of weeks. Using cleaner that is equal parts white vinegar and vegetable oil with the mop is a safe, non-toxic method, but remember to create a fresh solution each time you clean.


Why Toxic Hardwood Floor Cleaner is Bad for You

Many of the cleaning fluids used every day can have dangerous side effects, including the aforementioned triggering of asthma and allergies. For instance, skin irritation, fertility disorders, and cancer have all been linked to cleaning products. These cleaning products can also affect air quality and encourage algae growth! That’s why it’s best to read the label of any product you use, or better yet, hire professional cleaners who use non-toxic materials.

Clean-Slate Janitorial Services is the top office hardwood floor cleaner in Toronto because we use safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic cleaning materials for hardwood floors and other surfaces, including carpets and tiles. If your office’s floors are starting to look worn down, don’t pay to have them replaced! Hardwood flooring is expensive and a simple restoration is often enough to restore it. Instead, call Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, the leading hardwood floor cleaner in Toronto!


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