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Should you be Aware of the Cleaning Supplies your Janitor Uses?

bottles of cleaning supplies
Do you know what’s in the cleaners?

There is a wide range of commercial cleaning supplies available on the market. Make sure the janitorial service you hire is using cleaning materials that are best suited to your needs. We at Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, a top professional commercial cleaner serving the GTA, with areas of focus that include Vaughan, Concord and Woodbridge, make sure that we use the most appropriate cleaning solution for the commercial spaces we serve.

We will disclose the supplies we use to ensure that our customers know they are getting good commercial quality cleaning fluids and chemicals that will not harm the materials clean, but at the same time provide the most effective cleaning for the job.

Whether your focus is green cleaning, health and safety, or value for your money, you should communicate with your professional commercial cleaner your concerns.  The average employee spends at least 8 hours each workday in an office space, so it is not ideal to use cleaning products that could leave residues harmful to their health and wellbeing.

You should be aware of professional cleaners that cut corners on cleaning supply expenses or choose products that are unethical.  Clean-Slate Janitorial Services will always ensure that we offer you expert cleaning, ethically and affordably.

If have a commercial space and are interested in professional Janitorial Services in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Concord and the Greater Toronto Area in general, contact us for a free estimate.


Should You Ask your Employees to Clean Up After Themselves?

office interior
Employees can also help clean the space

It’s not easy being a facility manager for a commercial space and no matter the size of your company, a question that comes up is whether or not employees should be active in keeping the space clean.

Companies that use the services of Professional Cleaners like Clean-Slate Janitorial Services may still consider asking employees to clean up after themselves, even if there is someone that cleans in the evening afterwards. This does not have to be a deep cleaning, but simple wipes and removal of garbage and debris. A little bit of effort throughout the days goes a long way to helping an office look orderly.

There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to ask your employees to keep not only their own desk area clean, but the common areas like the kitchen clean:

-It improves company moral when the space is clean throughout the day

-It reduces employee tensions when the space is left clean for the next person to use

-It helps develop good habits that lead to employees developing a more community-oriented outlook

-It reduces extra cleaning that the janitors may have to do, thereby reducing the cost to the company

Cleanliness as a habit is something that companies should encourage. Discipline, respect and high standards are ideals that make for the most successful companies. At Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, we meet and exceed industry standards for professional cleaning. Contact us today at 416 509 7454 for a free estimate.

How Professional Cleaners Remove Odours

female janitor
Cleaning to remove smells

Commercial Offices in Toronto and the GTA, including Vaughan, Concord and Woodbridge, have come to Clean-Slate Janitorial Services asking for expertise in removing odors from their space. The most obvious causes are food residue and spaces that have been neglected for too long, allowing mildew and dust to accumulate and cause unpleasant smells.  As well, bathrooms not properly cleaned are also culprits.

Professional Cleaners will use strong, effective cleaning supplies that attack the germs and bacteria causing the offending smell, and ensure that the corners are cleaned thoroughly.

However, sometimes this is not sufficient and techniques like wet and thermal fogging are used to disinfect and deodorize the air. Very small particles of a solution are sprayed in the air and on surfaces. This helps to eliminate smells not entirely cleaned by other means.

Another professional way of cleaning the air is using Ozone. Ozone, which can be sprayed by special machines, removes offending odors by breaking down molecules, spores and bacteria. Ozone (03) is a very reactive molecule which reacts with particles in the air and on surfaces. It attaches itself to other molecules and changes the chemical structure that creates neutral smelling molecules, thereby cleaning the air.

The best way to avoid having to resort to more advance odor removal techniques is to simply to use the services of a professional cleaner, such as Clean-Slate Janitorial Services to regularly maintain the cleanliness of a space and to ensure that your commercial space smell fresh and pleasant.

How Long Does it Take to Clean Commercial Spaces?

clock and gloves cleaning
You can clean quite a bit in 30 minutes

It’s always a good idea to know how long your cleaning services crew are going to take to clean your commercial space when they come in to do their work.

Whether your office is in Woodbridge, Concord or Vaughan, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how long it takes to clean your commercial space. It depends on the square footage, amount of equipment in the space and on the natural speed of the cleaning professional.  At Clean-Slate, we have been in this business long enough that we can provide good estimate of the time it takes to clean your space.

The World Wide Cleaning Industry Association, ISSA, has published information on calculations they have done on how long it takes to clean things. Some interesting facts for you:

It takes approximately 30 minutes to clean:

-about 60 corded, desk phones

-the exterior of 10-15 microwaves

-20-30 office chairs

-10-15 bathroom sinks

-the exterior of 10-15 full height lockers

-12-15 small offices by vacuum

-a mid size lobby 6-8 times

If your Janitorial Service cleans at night, the time it takes to clean is more flexible. However, if there is cleaning that needs to be done during the day, it is important that your professional cleaners know how long it takes to do the job so that is can be done in co-ordination with how the space is going to be used. Professional Cleaners, like Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, can provide good estimates to ensure minimal disruption.



Cleaning Air Conditioning Filters

air conditioner
These filters need to be cleaned

Cleaning air conditioning filters is not something that is frequently done, but doing so will make a big improvement in the quality of the air in your space. Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, a leading professional commercial cleaner, offers advice on the cleaning of air conditioning filters.

The life of your commercial air conditioner will be prolonged, simply by keeping the filter clean. Regular cleaning is essential to avoid the accumulation of dirt, allergens and pathogens

Keeping your air conditioning filer clean is a fairly straightforward task. First, remove the filter from the main device and inspect carefully to make sure it is in good condition. If there is any kind of damage, it is best to replace it. Then, the next thing to do is simply to vacuum it, preferably with a HEPA cleaner.

Next, for a more thorough cleaning, you can disinfect it. Vinegar (or a commercial equivalent solution) is a great disinfectant. Use equal parts water and vinegar to create your cleaning solution.  The solution should be enough to cover all of the filer. The vinegar in the solution will kill all the germs and bacteria.

Leave the air conditioning filter in the solution of vinegar and water for at least 4 hours. After sufficient time, remove the filter from the solution and allow to dry. What is important here is that you do not rinse the filter. Place on a towel and let it air dry. Once dry, inspect the filter to make sure it is clean and if all is OK, place it back in the air conditioning system.  Now your newly cleaned filter will allow your air conditioner to operate more effectively.

If you do not want to deal with the hassle of cleaning these filters yourself, you can hire the services of a professional cleaner. At Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, we clean a wide range of commercial equipment and spaces. We serve the GTA Area, including Woodbridge, Vaughan, and Concord. Contact us today at 416 509 7454 for a free estimate.