Best Office Cleaning Services in North York

Our Location
As the leading provider of office cleaning in North York and the Greater Toronto Area, we at Clean-Slate Janitorial Services know the importance of being in a location that is convenient to our customers; that is why we have offices in locations to best serve them. Our staff can be at your location quickly no matter where you are in the GTA.

Professional Office Cleaners
The cleaning needs of businesses are diverse, so our services are customized to each one. Whether it’s a one-time service, like having your flooring refinished, or you’re looking for regular cleanings, we will create a customized package that is suited to both your needs and budget.

Our cleaning staff is dedicated to providing our customers with the best office cleaning service. They will clean around important merchandise and respect your equipment and private and confidential files. We also use only the best professional equipment and eco-conscious cleaning materials for our projects.

What We Serve
We will clean commercial offices, retail spaces, medical and dental offices, and other professional areas. We also provide post-construction and renovation cleanup, including windows and top-to-bottom cleanings, all at an affordable price.

How Are We Different?
The range of services we offer our clients sets us apart from other cleaning companies in the GTA. Besides office floor cleaning, we also buff and refinish vinyl and ceramic flooring. Our steam extraction method is second to none; we will take care of any deep stains and salt stains in your carpet. Why spend thousands to have your carpet replaced when you can restore it for a fraction of the cost? And when we clean a client’s windows, we clean the whole window, including the blinds, to leave a streak-free shine.

For more information on all our office cleaning services in North York, contact Clean-Slate Janitorial Services today!