Should you be Aware of the Cleaning Supplies your Janitor Uses?

bottles of cleaning supplies
Do you know what’s in the cleaners?

There is a wide range of commercial cleaning supplies available on the market. Make sure the janitorial service you hire is using cleaning materials that are best suited to your needs. We at Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, a top professional commercial cleaner serving the GTA, with areas of focus that include Vaughan, Concord and Woodbridge, make sure that we use the most appropriate cleaning solution for the commercial spaces we serve.

We will disclose the supplies we use to ensure that our customers know they are getting good commercial quality cleaning fluids and chemicals that will not harm the materials clean, but at the same time provide the most effective cleaning for the job.

Whether your focus is green cleaning, health and safety, or value for your money, you should communicate with your professional commercial cleaner your concerns.  The average employee spends at least 8 hours each workday in an office space, so it is not ideal to use cleaning products that could leave residues harmful to their health and wellbeing.

You should be aware of professional cleaners that cut corners on cleaning supply expenses or choose products that are unethical.  Clean-Slate Janitorial Services will always ensure that we offer you expert cleaning, ethically and affordably.

If have a commercial space and are interested in professional Janitorial Services in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Concord and the Greater Toronto Area in general, contact us for a free estimate.


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