Should You Ask your Employees to Clean Up After Themselves?

office interior
Employees can also help clean the space

It’s not easy being a facility manager for a commercial space and no matter the size of your company, a question that comes up is whether or not employees should be active in keeping the space clean.

Companies that use the services of Professional Cleaners like Clean-Slate Janitorial Services may still consider asking employees to clean up after themselves, even if there is someone that cleans in the evening afterwards. This does not have to be a deep cleaning, but simple wipes and removal of garbage and debris. A little bit of effort throughout the days goes a long way to helping an office look orderly.

There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to ask your employees to keep not only their own desk area clean, but the common areas like the kitchen clean:

-It improves company moral when the space is clean throughout the day

-It reduces employee tensions when the space is left clean for the next person to use

-It helps develop good habits that lead to employees developing a more community-oriented outlook

-It reduces extra cleaning that the janitors may have to do, thereby reducing the cost to the company

Cleanliness as a habit is something that companies should encourage. Discipline, respect and high standards are ideals that make for the most successful companies. At Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, we meet and exceed industry standards for professional cleaning. Contact us today at 416 509 7454 for a free estimate.

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