6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Office

Office Cleaning It may not feel like it right now, but spring is right around the corner, which means that many business owners are looking into tackling their spring cleaning. That’s because while you may not realize it, quite a lot of junk, dirt, and debris may have piled up in your office over the past few months.

This is not a project you should try to tackle on your own; rather, it is recommended that you hire professional office cleaning services to take on the major projects, such as cleaning carpets that lost their lustre because of salt, snow, and ice.

Having said that, here are some tips to help you prepare for your spring cleaning appointment.

Pick a Time for Your Office Cleaning

Spring tends to be a busy time for professional office cleaning services, so it’s wise to book now and avoid the rush. It is also recommended that you book the cleaning after your staff has left for the day.

Have Your Workers Clean Out Their Work Areas

Even if your employees have made an effort to keep their offices and cubicles clean throughout the winter, they should still go through their paperwork, supplies, and other items and figure out what can and can’t be disposed of. For confidential documents, you can hire a professional shredding company. Also be sure to rotate out magazines regularly.

Make Sure All Wires Are in Order

A professional cleaning should include vacuuming and waxing your floors, so it’s best to make sure that any tangled wires are organized prior to the cleaners’ arrival.

Book a Thorough Floor Cleaning

With the new harsh road salts that many municipalities are using and your employees are subsequently tracking in, your floors have likely seen plenty of wear and tear this winter. However, a professional floor cleaning and waxing can return your office’s floors to its former glory. Spring is also a season of renewal, so if you’ve been putting off having your floors restored, now is the time to call a cleaning service to take care of this project.

Get Salt and Stains Removed from Carpets

Powerful road salts don’t just take a toll on floors; your carpets can also be left worse for wear. There are a variety of ways that salt stains can be removed, but one of the most popular methods is steam cleaning, which uses hot water to break up the dirt, then sucks the dirty water back up again for a deeper cleaning.

Have Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

Your office’s windows have doubtlessly accumulated plenty of dirt over the winter, and with the recent extreme cold, making it outside to clean them may not be an option before the spring. Professional cleaning services use powerful yet safe cleaning materials to cut through months of accumulated dirt and leave your windows sparkling and clean.

Call Clean-Slate Janitorial Services, one of the best and most affordable office cleaning services in the GTA, for all your spring cleaning needs.

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